Werner Mummert is a German pipe maker that has a vast array of tools and techniques at his disposal. A skilled craftsman, and member of the European Wood Turner Association, Werner makes custome knives, pistol grips, and other objects from a variety of materials either by hand or with help from a CNC machine. His pipes speak of craftsmanship, especially his very craggy and beautiful sandblasting technique. Some of his stems are carved from a single piece of ebonite, while others use tenons from nylon.

10 Werner Mummert pipes in this category.

Finish: Shape: Price:

Sandblasted Apple Werner Mummert Sandblasted Apple 
SKU: 002-560-0075
Your Price: $500.00

Sandblasted Bent Apple Werner Mummert Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-560-0031
Your Price: $400.00

Sandblasted Bulldog Werner Mummert Sandblasted Bulldog 
SKU: 002-560-0074
Your Price: $550.00

Sandblasted Natural Billiard Werner Mummert Sandblasted Natural Billiard 
SKU: 002-560-0035
Your Price: $500.00

Sandblasted Old Oak Bent Apple with Boxwood Werner Mummert Sandblasted Old Oak Bent Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-560-0079
Your Price: $450.00

Sandblasted Old Oak Bent Brandy Werner Mummert Sandblasted Old Oak Bent Brandy 
SKU: 002-560-0084
Your Price: $650.00

Sandblasted Reverse Calabash Barrel Werner Mummert Sandblasted Reverse Calabash Barrel 
SKU: 002-560-0086
Your Price: $500.00

Sandblasted Rhodesian Werner Mummert Sandblasted Rhodesian 
SKU: 002-560-0063
Your Price: $425.00

Smooth Bent Egg Werner Mummert Smooth Bent Egg 
SKU: 002-560-0062
Your Price: $500.00

Smooth Spike Cavalier Werner Mummert Smooth Spike Cavalier 
SKU: 002-560-0053
Your Price: $750.00

002-560-0018 Werner Mummert Partially Sandblasted Dublin with Plateau 
SKU: 002-560-0018

002-560-0006 Werner Mummert Partially Sandblasted Hawkbill 
SKU: 002-560-0006

002-560-0001 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Bent Brandy 
SKU: 002-560-0001

002-560-0002 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Brandy Plateau 
SKU: 002-560-0002

002-560-0010 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Bulldog 
SKU: 002-560-0010

002-560-0021 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Cavalier 
SKU: 002-560-0021

002-560-0036 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Cavalier 
SKU: 002-560-0036

002-560-0026 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Cubius Poker 
SKU: 002-560-0026

002-560-0034 Werner Mummert Sandblasted De Stijl Poker 
SKU: 002-560-0034

002-560-0032 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Poker 
SKU: 002-560-0032

002-560-0033 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Poker 
SKU: 002-560-0033

002-560-0027 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Poker 
SKU: 002-560-0027

002-560-0016 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Poker with Mammoth Ivory 
SKU: 002-560-0016

002-560-0009 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Pot 
SKU: 002-560-0009

002-560-0020 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Reverse Calabash 
SKU: 002-560-0020

002-560-0003 Werner Mummert Sandblasted Reverse Calabash with Antler 
SKU: 002-560-0003

002-560-0004 Werner Mummert Smooth Egg with Plateau 
SKU: 002-560-0004



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