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Smio Satou

Smio Satou lives in Tokyo and has his workshop in an upstairs area of his home, like many of the Japanese carvers. He worked for Tsuge for 25 years after picking up the craft from his father – who was one of the first briar pipe carvers in Japan in the 1940s.

Since his retirement, Satou produces only about 40 pipes annually. The majority of his shapes are uniquely Japanese in aesthetic and construction, and each is finished with a time-honored tradition of the highest-quality Japanese lacquer (which is extremely durable, breathable, and glossy). His stems are expertly cut from solid vulcanite rod with a tenon turned from the same material, or a separate piece turned and pinned in place. Needless to say, his engineering is probably the best in the world. Most of his pipes are smooth, but he does produce some wonderful sandblasts, and the accents of each are commonly bamboo or tsuishu (very thin multi-colored layers of Japanese lacquer that takes months to produce).

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6 Satou pipes in this category.

Finish: Shape: Price:

Sandblasted Bent Billiard Satou Sandblasted Bent Billiard 
SKU: 002-142-0331
Your Price: $800.00

Sandblasted Bent Bulldog Satou Sandblasted Bent Bulldog 
SKU: 002-142-0343
Your Price: $850.00

Sandblasted Canted Pot Satou Sandblasted Canted Pot 
SKU: 002-142-0349
Your Price: $775.00

Smooth Billiard with Tsuishu Satou Smooth Billiard with Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0344
Your Price: $1,000.00

Smooth Volcano Satou Smooth Volcano 
SKU: 002-142-0333
Your Price: $1,100.00

Smooth Volcano Satou Smooth Volcano 
SKU: 002-142-0347
Your Price: $850.00

002-142-0209 Satou Sandblasted Billiard with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0209

002-142-0310 Satou Smooth Bent Apple with Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0310

002-142-0227 Satou Smooth Bent Billiard with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0227

002-142-0240 Satou Smooth Bent Brandy 
SKU: 002-142-0240

002-142-0210 Satou Smooth Bent Brandy with Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0210

002-142-0306 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin 
SKU: 002-142-0306

002-142-0308 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin 
SKU: 002-142-0308

002-142-0231 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0231

002-142-0305 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0305

002-142-0317 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0317

002-142-0321 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0321

002-142-0339 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo and Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0339

002-142-0316 Satou Smooth Bent Dublin with Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0316

002-142-0294 Satou Smooth Bent Tomato with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0294

002-142-0299 Satou Smooth Cherrywood with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-142-0299

002-142-0282 Satou Smooth Egg with Tsuishu 
SKU: 002-142-0282

002-142-0326 Satou Smooth Volcano 
SKU: 002-142-0326

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