Michael Parks is a high-grade pipe maker from Canada, and fits the stereotype of a very friendly, kind, and generous person. He's been crafting pipes for about a decade, and gained a lot of attention early on, not only making terrific classic designs, but by bringing new life back to old designs inspired by Charatan mixed with his own aesthetic and extra level of craftsmanship. Producing not only large, voluptuous pipes, many of his creations can border fragility in either their individual weight, or nearly unheard of attention to detail, be they multi-faceted or enrobed with ribbons of briar. He is one of the few artisans that a collector might strongly consider never letting a certain creation come anywhere near flame. Boxed sets, amazing sculptures, and mirror finishes are a few of the things this man approaches with confidence.

Michael does not make a large number of pipes each year, but he does bring extra-high level to each one that is made. Working with solid vulcanite or acrylic rod for stems, he crafts mouthpieces to as high a degree as he does bowls. Hand picking much of his briar blocks, his pipes end up smooth, elegantly and ruggedly blasted, or delicately rusticated. One may also find horn, bamboo, or other exotic materials to accent the pieces. On Michael's best pipes, the stems have an ornate inlay consisting of pieces of abalone shell.

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Smooth Asymmetrical Dublin Michael Parks Smooth Asymmetrical Dublin 
SKU: 002-473-0052
Your Price: $1,150.00

002-473-0033 Michael Parks Bent Billard (VI) 
SKU: 002-473-0033

002-473-0020 Michael Parks Partially Sandblasted Calabash with Mammoth Ivory (VI) 
SKU: 002-473-0020

002-473-0044 Michael Parks Sandblasted Apple (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0044

002-473-0032 Michael Parks Sandblasted Bent Billiard with Mammoth Ivory (V) 
SKU: 002-473-0032

002-473-0019 Michael Parks Sandblasted Bent Brandy with Mammoth Ivory (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0019

002-473-0018 Michael Parks Sandblasted Bent Bulldog (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0018

002-473-0036 Michael Parks Sandblasted Bent Bulldog (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0036

002-473-0021 Michael Parks Sandblasted Bent Pot (V) 
SKU: 002-473-0021

002-473-0004 Michael Parks Sandblasted Billiard (III) 
SKU: 002-473-0004

002-473-0035 Michael Parks Sandblasted Billiard (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0035

002-473-0025 Michael Parks Sandblasted Cherrywood with Mammoth Ivory (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0025

002-473-0024 Michael Parks Sandblasted Cutty (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0024

002-473-0034 Michael Parks Sandblasted Cutty (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0034

002-473-0037 Michael Parks Sandblasted Pear with Bamboo (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0037

002-473-0017 Michael Parks Sandblasted Pot (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0017

002-473-0022 Michael Parks Sandblasted Rhodesian (V) 
SKU: 002-473-0022

002-473-0023 Michael Parks Sandblasted Saucer (IV) 
SKU: 002-473-0023

002-473-0038 Michael Parks Smooth Lovat (IV.13) 
SKU: 002-473-0038

002-473-0001 Michael Parks Smooth Rhodesian (VI) 
SKU: 002-473-0001



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