Abe Herbaugh
  Adam Davidson
  AKB Meerschaum
  Alexander Tupitsyn
  Alex Florov
  Benni Jorgensen
  Big Ben
  Brad Pohlmann
  Bruce Weaver
  Chris Asteriou
  Claudio Cavicchi
  Daniel Mustran
  Don Carlos New!
  Ernie Markle
  G. Batson
  Gregor Lobnik
  Hiroyuki Tokutomi
  Ichi Kitahara
  Il Duca
  J. Alan
  Jess Chonowitsch
  K. Anastasopoulos New!
  Kei-ichi Gotoh
  Kent Rasmussen
  Kevin Arthur
  Konstantin Shekita
  Lars Ivarsson
  Lasse Skovgaard
  Maigurs Knets
  Mark Tinsky
  Mastro de Paja
  Michael Lindner
  Michael Parks
  Michail Kyriazanos New!
  Michal Novak
  Missouri Meerschaum
  Nanna Ivarsson
  Nate King
  Old Dominion New!
  Pete Prevost
  Peter Heding
  Peter Heeschen
  Peter Matzhold
  Ping Zhan
  PS Studio
  Rad Davis
  Randy Wiley
  Ray Kurusu
  Rolando Negoita
  Scott Klein
  Scott Thile
  Sebastien Beo
  Sergey Dyomin New!
  Ser Jacopo
  Smio Satou
  Teddy Knudsen
  Tokutomi Pipe Co.
  Tom Eltang
  Tonni Nielsen
  Tsuge Ikebana
  Walt Cannoy
  Werner Mummert
  WGM Meerschaum
  Will Purdy
  Wolfgang Becker

We take great pride in offering you one of the largest and most varied assortments of quality pipes for your smoking pleasure. We scour the globe to be able to provide you with an ever-changing repertoire to suit any passion, preference, or pocketbook. And it's not just assortment that you can rely on. Our purchasing staff wants to make certain that you receive the absolute best pipe you can get when you make your purchase. Each and every pipe is personally inspected by our staff to ensure that it meets our exacting standards and, by extension, your expectations. For more information on selecting just the right pipe, please visit our guide to selecting the 'right' pipe



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