Dunhill has remained rather consistent as a brand. Finishes are smooth or sandblasted in only a few colors, and stems are still hand-cut from black vulcanite rod or red/black Cumberland with tenons turned from the same stock. Shell, Cumberland, Dress, Root, and Bruyere are the most common finishes today, and they can sometimes be accented with large-knuckle bamboo, horn, silver, or gold. The famous white spot (which was originally intended to demonstrate which side of the stem was the right side up) was developed in 1915 and showed the world that a trademark can carry a lot of advertisement for quality. Collected all over the world for nearly a century, Dunhill pipes were what catapulted the name into a brand synonymous with quality and excellence for a large variety of men's accessories, clothing, and other items.

A History of Dunhill Pipes

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Amber Root (3103) (2003) Dunhill Amber Root (3103) (2003) 
SKU: 002-015-2314
Your Price: $715.00

Amber Root (3106F) (2013) (9mm) Dunhill Amber Root (3106F) (2013) (9mm) 
SKU: 002-015-2318
Your Price: $715.00

Amber Root (3108) (2013) Dunhill Amber Root (3108) (2013) 
SKU: 002-015-2324
Your Price: $715.00

Amber Root (4110) (2013) Dunhill Amber Root (4110) (2013) 
SKU: 002-015-2334
Your Price: $865.00

Amber Root with Horn (4102) (2014) Dunhill Amber Root with Horn (4102) (2014) 
SKU: 002-015-2330
Your Price: $865.00



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