Named for three great Dukes of Ferrara, Il Duca pipes are made by Massimiliano Rimensi in Occhiobello, just north of Ferrara in northwestern Italy. With a style that seems to draw as much on Danish and German pipe makers as it does his fellow northern Italians, Rimensi's pipes also demonstrate impeccable fit, finish and engineering.

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Barone Sandblasted Apple (B2) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Apple (B2) 
SKU: 002-427-0235
Your Price: $380.00

Barone Sandblasted Bent Dublin (B3) with Bone Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Bent Dublin (B3) with Bone 
SKU: 002-427-0242
Your Price: $430.00

Barone Sandblasted Billiard with Horn (B1) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Billiard with Horn (B1) 
SKU: 002-427-0236
Your Price: $310.00

Barone Sandblasted Blowfish (B3) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Blowfish (B3) 
SKU: 002-427-0239
Your Price: $430.00

Barone Sandblasted Cherrywood (B3) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Cherrywood (B3) 
SKU: 002-427-0243
Your Price: $430.00

Barone Sandblasted Freehand Olivewood (B2) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Freehand Olivewood (B2) 
SKU: 002-427-0241
Your Price: $350.00

Barone Sandblasted Rhodesian (DDD) Il Duca Barone Sandblasted Rhodesian (DDD) 
SKU: 002-427-0192
Your Price: $300.00

Duca Smooth Bent Dublin (D) Il Duca Duca Smooth Bent Dublin (D) 
SKU: 002-427-0203
Your Price: $520.00

Smooth Bent Egg (D) Il Duca Smooth Bent Egg (D) 
SKU: 002-427-0223
Your Price: $530.00



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