Will Purdy was born in 1958 in lovely Colorado and has lived there his entire life. He and his wife, Georgia live in the picturesque town of Louisville, in Boulder county, Colorado. The Rocky mountains -- with purple peaks at sunset, majestic trees, herds of elk, and giant boulders "littering" the fields would make Bob Ross inspired for an eternity. Louisville is a beautiful place to live, and it's there that Will Purdy crafts each of his pipes in his cozy basement (fully furnished) workshop.

Will began making pipes, as many makers do, after purchasing a pipe kit around the year 2000. Slowly shaping away the briar with hand tools, he realized this was something that he was compelled to do again... and again, and again. Will worked slowly on his craft, getting feedback from friends in the industry in his early years. He is admittedly slow and meticulous in every step of the process, from choosing briar that is not only stunningly beautifully grained, but cured for five-to-ten years in the dry Colorado climate. Rather unique to Will Purdy pipes, each piece has the mortise and airway drilled at the same time, meaning there are no gaps, angles or ramps in the shank (Will likes the straight drill). Each stem and tenon is turned from a vulcanite rod; no Delrin or other tenon accessory is used. Needless to say the way Will Purdy slowly shapes and designs each pipe in his comfortable home with beautiful surroundings is something of a rarity. There is no rush. When the pipe is finished and stamped, you can be sure Will is ready for someone to enjoy if for a lifetime.

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Sandblasted Bullcano (D) Will Purdy Sandblasted Bullcano (D) 
SKU: 002-580-0008
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002-580-0004 Will Purdy Sandblasted Belge (E) 
SKU: 002-580-0004

002-580-0001 Will Purdy Sandblasted Bent Egg (C) 
SKU: 002-580-0001

002-580-0002 Will Purdy Sandblasted Billiard (E) 
SKU: 002-580-0002

002-580-0003 Will Purdy Sandblasted Tadpole (EX) 
SKU: 002-580-0003

002-580-0005 Will Purdy Smooth Alchemist (CX) 
SKU: 002-580-0005

002-580-0006 Will Purdy Smooth Garlic (BX) 
SKU: 002-580-0006



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