Vladimir Grechukhin is one of the master pipe makers from Russia. Living and working in St. Petersburg, he first began working with, and studying under, Alexei Borisovitch Fyodorov when he was just eighteen-years-old in the 1970s. Fyodorov was considered by many to be the master pipe maker of Russia. Learning from the master came easily, as Grechukhin had been working with wood and other mediums since he was a child. He took well to understanding design and execution with briar and ebonite.

His pipes are excellently made out of briar and ebonite with the occasional accent of boxwood or black palm. Mainly chubby and compact in form (which we all love), these are beautiful pieces that are designed and made to be smoked. Grechukhin’s pipes feature hand turned vulcanite tenons, which is a testament to his craftsmanship. Each stem is carved from high-grade ebonite rod and the bits are equally comfortable and thin.

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Sandblasted Bent Apple with Bone Grechukhin Sandblasted Bent Apple with Bone 
SKU: 002-497-0054
Your Price: $750.00

Sandblasted Blowfish Grechukhin Sandblasted Blowfish 
SKU: 002-497-0053
Your Price: $820.00

Smooth Blowfish Grechukhin Smooth Blowfish 
SKU: 002-497-0048
Your Price: $1,800.00

002-497-0003 Grechukhin Partially Sandblasted Bent Egg 
SKU: 002-497-0003

002-497-0033 Grechukhin Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-497-0033

002-497-0027 Grechukhin Sandblasted Bent Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-497-0027

002-497-0015 Grechukhin Sandblasted Bent Apple with Red Palm 
SKU: 002-497-0015

002-497-0009 Grechukhin Sandblasted Bent Egg with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-497-0009

002-497-0020 Grechukhin Sandblasted Freehand Bent Apple with Olivewood 
SKU: 002-497-0020

002-497-0029 Grechukhin Sandblasted Twisted Bent Tomato with Olivewood 
SKU: 002-497-0029

002-497-0036 Grechukhin Smooth Apple 
SKU: 002-497-0036

002-497-0032 Grechukhin Smooth Bent Brandy with Silver 
SKU: 002-497-0032

002-497-0042 Grechukhin Smooth Bent Egg with Bone 
SKU: 002-497-0042

002-497-0007 Grechukhin Smooth Freehand Bent Dublin 
SKU: 002-497-0007

002-497-0024 Grechukhin Smooth Freehand Tomato with Silver 
SKU: 002-497-0024

002-497-0023 Grechukhin Smooth Long Shank Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-497-0023

002-497-0021 Grechukhin Smooth Rhodesian 
SKU: 002-497-0021

002-497-0011 Grechukhin Smooth Tomato with Olivewood 
SKU: 002-497-0011



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